DBM Universal Spring Cylinder

A new, patented tool has become key to solving the puzzles encountered in machine and fixture design and build. It's the DBM Universal Spring CylinderThe "Adaptomizable" Spring Plunger.

Available in 3 styles: Threaded, Non-threaded and Guided (twin plungers), each style is available in 4 sizes and 2 spring forces. Special designs and spring forces can be supplied as well. Please contact us for a prompt quotation.

Choose a body style below to view full specifications and accessories and download 2D or 3D CAD models.


Threaded and Non-Threaded Styles

Guided Style

Remote Actuation

Indexing Application

Offset Force

Multiple Spring-Loaded Mechanical Stops with Retract Locks

Stop Block with Proximity Sensor

Spring-Loaded Rail

Remote Cable Actuated

Retract Lock

Stock/Work Piece Crowder

Roller Detent

Custom-Made Spring Stop with Special Material

Detent or Cam

Standard Swivel Pad

Tension Application

Stop with Air Cylinder

Rotate-and-Hold Application

Shot Pin with Air Cylinder

Trunion Mount

It's "Adaptomizable!"

It's the highly adaptable and customizable spring plunger that easily conforms to a variety of applications encountered when designing machinery and fixtures. Designed for customization by attaching accessories at either end, the DBM Universal Spring Cylinder reduces expensive custom design costs. It handles a wide variety of applications that existing spring-loaded devices simply cannot.

With a tapped hole and pilot bore on the compression end and a threaded extension on the tension end, it's easy to add standard or custom accessories and create a device that fills a variety of needs--in compression or tension. It can also be used directly without accessories (as in indexing applications). Designed with precision tolerances, the DBM Universal Spring Cylinder is built to handle indexing and locating tasks. The hardened steel plunger extends completely through the body providing a large bearing surface for offset loads.

An optional retract lock is available for the threaded and non-threaded styles. Completely retracting the plunger and rotating it 90 degrees will hold the plunger in position. The removable retract lock is designed to attach to the spring plunger's threaded extension.

We provide a number of options for mounting the DBM Universal Spring Cylinder. Plus, we offer numerous accessories for both ends. Choose the mounting option and accessories for your application, and experience the time- and cost-saving benefits of The "Adaptomizable" Spring Plunger.

Additional sizes, materials and accessories are currently under development. Special designs and spring forces can be supplied as well. Call or send specifications for a prompt quotation.

Thank you for your interest in the DBM Universal Spring Cylinder!