Robotic Tooling & Equipment

The well-dressed robot wears DBM-designed tooling and equipment.

The term "Robotic Tooling" describes a variety of devices, which include the functional mechanisms located at the "wrist" of the robotic arm. Also known as end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) or end effectors, these mechanisms include tool changers, sensors, grippers, actuators, deburring tools, arc and spot welding equipment and other tools. They are the "laborers" within the robotic system.

Related equipment, often requiring custom design, includes regrip devices, fixtures, work piece presentation devices, inspection slides, tool changer stands and conveyors, etc. that are integrated into the robotic system.

Accurate design is crucial to the successful operation of the robotic system. All components must be carefully integrated within the overall system layout in order to achieve successful reach and access performance and to meet required cycle times.

We utilize 3D CAD modeling for the majority of our designs. It allows the designer to model assemblies onscreen, which helps identify locating, fit and interference problems before the tooling is built. It also aids in communicating the design to others.

With decades of experience, our staff excels at providing successful custom designs for robotic tooling applications. Let us help put your robot on the "best-dressed list."